Compare the results of your campaigns

We have great news! You can now compare the results of your campaigns in the report section.

You will:

  1. Be able to see all results (open, click, reply, conversion, bounce rate) for all your campaigns in the report section.
  2. Be able to compare results of your campaigns in a visual graph.



Let us know what you think about this new feature :)

Send prospects created from imports to integrations

Good news! You can now choose to send new prospects created from an import to the configured integrations:


This means you can import prospects in and choose to directly create a new lead for each prospect in your CRM for example.

New referral program

Refer to your friends and get free credits!

We have changed our referral program and it is now even easier for you to refer

Here is our new system:

  • Referee gets 2.000 credits they can claim whenever they want
  • Referral get 25% off for 3 months (starting the month of signup)

Your bounce rate in the weekly performance report

We have improved our weekly performance report that you receive every Monday by email.

From now on, you can see your bounce rate in this report.

New action on Zapier

Great news for our users that are using Zapier.

We have developed a new action on Zapier. You can now update a prospect and not only create or archive one.


We hope that you like it as much as we do.

Possibility to create a new list when you import a CSV file

We have updated our import feature. The main change is the possibility to create a new list directly during the import process.

You can now create a new list or pick an existing list on 3rd step of the importation.


We hope that you like it!

You can now filter by "Out reason" when adding prospects to a campaign

You can now filter by "Out reason" when adding prospects to a campaign.


This is useful when

  • You want to recontact prospects that never replied to a campaign

  • You want to re-add someone that you have been removed from a campaign

Weekly performance report

We got a great news for you and your team! We are now sending weekly performance report every Monday.

The report will summarize your activity on your account.

In this report, you will find:

  • The number of prospects created

  • The number of prospects contacted

  • The open rate

  • The click rate

  • The reply rate

I hope you like it as much as we do.


Set up your minimum confidence score

You can now set up a minimum confidence score for the emails we are finding for you. As you know, our email verification system attributes a confidence score to every email address we find for you. Our new system allows the admin to pick a minimum confidence score to set the desired quality.


The default score is 66% (High level quality). However you can choose between 0% and 100%.

  • 0%: we accept every emails we find.
  • 100%: We only accept valid emails. However, having a 100% score is rare. We are inviting you to set you confidence score on 66%.

Find Emails With Name + Organization Domain

The extension just got better with a new option to find an email of a specific person, as long as you have the first name, the last name and the website of their company.

To use this, just open the extension and choose the "Find Prospect" option (third button) instead of the domain search.

You'll then see a form with 3 fields to fill in:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Organization domain (start typing and we'll display the existing websites we can find online)

Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 11.54.52.png

After filling this in you can just click "Find & Save" and we'll find the email for you!

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