Filter the prospect's event history

You can now filter the prospect event history by event type.

The available event types are:

  • All
  • Activities
  • Campaign Events
  • Emails
  • Notes Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 07.15.16.png I hope you like it as much as we do!

Add notes to prospects

We have great news! You can now add "notes" to prospects from the prospect panel.

And further:

  • The number of notes are displayed next to the prospect's name.
  • The notes are displayed in the prospect's event history.
  • The user can filter the prospect's event history to display only notes. Screenshot 2019-04-17 at 16.12.18.png

Prospect panel campaign improvement

We have updated our prospects campaign screen.

From now on, when you select a prospect in a campaign, the prospect panel will open right where you were. You will no longer go to the main prospects screen. Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 07.27.04.png

Send campaign notifications to the sender of the campaign

We have updated the notification step in the campaigns. You can now choose to send the notification to the sender of the campaign instead of choosing a specific user.

When using multiple senders for the same campaign you can now send the notification to the sender, dynamically.


Improved date selector

We improved the date selector you can find in the reports in your account. It's now way easier to select a start and end date.

You can also simply use our pre-defined ranges like today, this month or even since creation that will return all available data.


Create lists from everywhere

Thanks to our big application redesign you can now create a new list directly from the list selector, everywhere in the app.

Here is an example in the new prospect modal:


Web application re-design


You may have noticed that we made some drastic changes in your account.

Actually, we redesigned the entire application from the ground up!

We wanted to achieve a better usability, more consistency, a more enjoyable user experience and make it easier for us to develop new features for you.

Overall, we’re set on improving your productivity.

Here are some of the major improvements…


You can now reorganize & show/hide columns according to what’s relevant to you. Also, on some screens, the first column is now frozen so you can easily scroll laterally and keep track of the prospects you’re working on.

Prospect Panel

You can now see all the interactions you’ve had with a prospect in a single click without leaving the listing screen. The information just slides in and out at your convenience and you can edit the data super easily.


Filters are now visible at all times when working with them and can easily be discarded or saved into a segment that will appear on the left of the screen.


You can now import new prospects without leaving the Prospects screen in 2 steps instead of 5.

Campaign Performances Comparison

Campaign comparison has been improved to appear in a side panel that slides in and out, which makes it easy to add and remove campaigns in and from the comparison without leaving the reports screen.

and much more...

There are also a lot of small improvements everywhere in the app. The best way to discover everything is probably to have a look in your account ;)

If you want to send us your feedback about this new version or simply drop us a line at

Compare the results of your campaigns

We have great news! You can now compare the results of your campaigns in the report section.

You will:

  1. Be able to see all results (open, click, reply, conversion, bounce rate) for all your campaigns in the report section.
  2. Be able to compare results of your campaigns in a visual graph.



Let us know what you think about this new feature :)

Send prospects created from imports to integrations

Good news! You can now choose to send new prospects created from an import to the configured integrations:


This means you can import prospects in and choose to directly create a new lead for each prospect in your CRM for example.

New referral program

Refer to your friends and get free credits!

We have changed our referral program and it is now even easier for you to refer

Here is our new system:

  • Referee gets 2.000 credits they can claim whenever they want
  • Referral get 25% off for 3 months (starting the month of signup)

No published changelogs yet.

Surely will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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