Integrations for admins only

We have updated our integration settings.

Let’s explain in a few words what will change:

  • From now on, users will not be able to connect apps anymore. Only admins will connect apps.

  • Admins will not be able to connect the same app twice. An app can only be connected one time per company. If companies need to manage multiple users, the admin has to go through the user mapping in the workflow.

Tasks are here

We are happy to announce that you can now create tasks linked to prospects.

You can create tasks from:

A campaign Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 15.56.35.png

The prospect profile Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 15.57.40.png

The task page Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 15.56.44.png

All the tasks will be displayed on the dashboard.

We hope that you like it as much as we do because taking the right action at the right time is vital when it comes to sales :)

Country field sent into the SF integration

Great news! From now on, the county field will be sent to your Salesforce account at the same time as the other fields when a deal is created.

Let us know what you think about it at :)

New users menu

Admins have now a new menu!

The admin will see this new menu. It has 6 pages: The profile settings, the sending address settings, the app and integration, the company settings, the team members and the billing page.


The users (not admin) will only see the three first pages: The profile settings, the sending addresses settings and the integrations page. is now faster than ever

Providing a swift and snappy experience is one of our main priorities. Lately, we focused on the reports and managed to decrease the loading time of this screen immensely.

Other screens, such as the dashboard or the prospect index, now load faster as well due to a more optimized infrastructure.

New Integration settings

We have updated our integrations settings and we hope that you like it as much as we do :)

For now on, you create a workflow that contains 3 steps.

  1. Choose a trigger: You can choose when you want to create a new deal. For example, you can ask to create new deals when a prospect replies or when you create a prospect.


  1. Define a segment: Then you can define if the workflow should be applied to all prospects ot to some prospects.


  1. Choose a destination: Using a trigger, workflows automatically complete an action in a destination app. You can choose where you want to create the deal.


I hope you are as excited as we are :) :)

No more automatically upgrading subscription

We have changed the way we manage your upgrade :).Previously, when an account was out of credits we automatically moved it to the higher plan.

From now on, we don't automatically upgrade your subscription anymore. Instead, we'll send an email and warn the admin at:

  • 80% of credit usage
  • 100% of credit usage (no more credits)

When the account is out of credits:

  • The sending campaigns are automatically paused
  • Nobody in the account can use credits anymore (extension, campaigns, imports, etc.)

If you need more credit, you can upgrade your subscription manually here

Improved bulk actions speed

Great news! We have increased the speed of bulk actions.

The execution time of bulk actions is close to zero. However,adding prospects in bulk to a campaign still takes a bit more time but way less then before.

New Dashboard

We have a brand new page for you: The dashboard :).

We want you to be able to monitor your account activity at a glance as well as stay aware of the actions being performed in the background. The goal is for you to save time and be able to better organize your sales process.

Screenshot 2019-06-10 at 11.32.40.png

Here are the major features:

Livestream: You can now monitor every action being performed in your account in real time, from every prospect that’s created to every email sent, opened, replied to, etc.

Product Changelog: You now have instant access to the product changelog so you can stay on top of every update on the platform.

Scheduled Actions: You can have an overview of running campaigns and of the number of emails scheduled in the near future. Keep an eye on your account’s next operations and plan ahead.

Important Notifications: If specific actions are required for your account to run smoothly – such as reconnecting a sending address – they’ll be displayed on the dashboard so they’re the first thing you notice when logging in.

Email Distribution: You can now keep an eye on how many emails have been sent over the past week and how many are going to be sent over the coming week.

A new view for your archived prospects

You can now see your archived prospect through the link next to the page title. image-3.png

You can see the archived prospects in every page of the app, including the campaign page. image-2.png